Hello Jennifer!

I have been looking into Bitchute’s claims of being a “decentralized” platform. They are very, very similar to what ewetube was in their beginning.

The only difference would be in the flavor of their content. Bitchute has risen to be the the refuge for people kicked off ewetube. Radical doesn’t begin to describe what you can find on Bitchute.

While I do not understand all of what is happening under the hood, there are people who do. There are more than a few indicators that Bitchute speak with fork tongue. There have been instances where Bitchute has gone “off-line”. That does not happen with a decentralized platform.

Be that as it may, at this point in time they will suit your purposes, imo. At present time they will offer no censorship. ANA will be tame content compared to what is available there now. I have not read their Terms & Conditions. Probably be a good idea for you to run your eyes over them. What do they call a lawyer lying dead at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? A good start :-)

Setting up an account is easy enough. When you email verify your account, then you can upload your videos. At one time they had a sync feature with ewetube, but it has had a major glitch. No amount of handle jiggling will repair.

Have to upload each video individually. Will have to upload to ewetube and to Bitchute with each new episode. No big deal.

When established on Bitchute, you will have your ewetube channel (susceptible to censorship), backed up by Bitchute (none atm). Then put access to both on all your toots to NAS and tweets to the bluebird of death ;-)

I would also include LBRY as another alternative. It is built from a blockchain and offers a true decentralized platform. It does have a sync feature with ewetube that works.

Bitchute and LBRY can both be monetized. Imo, LBRY offers the best opportunities. You ain’t gonna get rich, but it might lead to being able to take the “earnings” and donate them to the fellas. Something to look at further on down the road.

Any questions let me know