Just wanted to give you an update on the LBRY protocol.

I like it, and parts of it are above my immediate pay-grade. I know where to go look for the answers though. As we discussed, you time is better used doing the episodes of ANA.

There will be some duties on your part. As with any service, you will have to establish an account as a user/producer. There are a couple of hoops to jump through. I look at it like an investment in freedom. I’m working the rough spots out now.

This whole protocol is built on a blockchain/cryptocurrency structure. Adam brough it up a couple of years ago and it caught my interest. Using the blockchain to fulfill contracts online :

  • No Agenda 971 | October 8, 2017 – Here’s were he mentioned it in passing, Just a short little blip

Again, you don’t need to know all of the underpinnings, just the top layer.

Using LBRY

Now, there are apps for IOS and Android, as well as packages for macO$, windoze and flavors of linux. You can also access it through the website at:

I installed it on my Android and Linux desktop with no problems. The current content is worth the effort.

Lots of things offered. The Gutenberg Project even has a presence. Lots of old school ewetubers who have learned their lessons too…

Here are a couple of pages you might want to run your eyes over:

They have an automatic transfer of your Ewetube material. I have to read through the red tape. Checked the wiki and no one is pissing and moaning about any problems with it, so we got that going for us ;-)

I also gathered that you have enough subscribers to get a monthly bonus. I need to read up on that a bit too. In addition, you can add a “tip” button to the page and create a little cash-flow that way. I’m impressed with it so far.

If you have any questions, or links misbehave, you can email me at

Hope all’s aces & mo’ later







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