Hello Jennifer!

None of the following is legalese, but it does have some points of law that you need to run your eyes over. This is CYA for them and you.

The first section shows you the YouTube sync feature. The second part is the terms of said sync.

The third will get you to the page where you can claim your channel name and enter your information.

1) What is the LBRY YouTube program?


This gives a plain speak description and instructions for getting your EweTube content online at LBRY, First step since that’s where your content is now. Read through & if you have any questions let me know

2) YouTube Program terms

When you sign up, you agree to their terms. These are those terms:

There is a human friendly highlights and then a copy of the complete terms. Seems to be fair dinkum from what I read. With the disclaimer that I ain’t a shyster and this is not legal advice ;-)

3) Claim Your Channel

After you’ve run you peepers over this stuff, then you can go and claim a channel name here:

I did not go any further in the process cuz I have no content. Seems to me that once you choose your channel name, and give them the OK to sync up it will be smooth sailing. Again, any questions let me know.


There are other things to address. You have enough content and subscribers to generate payments in the LBRY cryptocurrency. I’m still not 100% clear on that, but will read through the material. I don’t think it amounts to a lot of US$ but, it could be useful further down the road.

Everything appears to be synced through a common email addy. Whatever you use for ewetube could be used here. It will sync desktop to phone, tablet whatever you’re running.

Says that it’ll take a couple of days to do the sync. We’ll get that, let the dust settle a little, then fine-tune the

I'll start having a look at bitchute in the next couple of days too. Then there is a backup to the backup of ewetube.

Hope spring sprung for you and yours. 60 here today and it's been in the mid 20's the last couple of weeks.