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Need to add the google spots map for fishing/hunting

Florida Invasive Species Hunting

The exotic pet trade has played havoc on the natural balance in the wilds of Florida. On land, in lakes and rivers, as well as in the sea, invasive species from around the world have set up camp in Florida.

There are any number of invasive species that the public can hunt or trap by following the rules. Red fox and armadillos are just two. Fox have to run down with dogs, armadillos have to be trapped.

The following are also available for hunting. Will need to have a look at where they can be hunted on public land. Another posibility is finding private land owners with a problem. Hogs and iguannas can be very destructive.

This can provide some hunting information - Florida's Wildlife Management Area Regulations

Hunting Iguanas & Tegus Lizards

There are three types of iguanas in the Florida Keys and are all extremely invasive: